CodEx Front-end Reference Documentation


This is the Doxygen-generated reference documentation of the WWW front-end of CodEx, a system for automated evaluation of source code. CodEx has been developed as a software project at the Charles University, Prague.

CodEx users create exercises consisting of a specification and a set of test inputs. Other users try to solve these by submitting source files written in various languages (C, C++, C#, GNU Pascal, Free Pascal). The sources are compiled and run in a sandboxed environment. If the tested program responds with the correct answer, it is awarded points.

The web-based user interface (for which this is the reference) is written in PHP and sports a fine-grained security model, groups associating related exercises or users, news delivery and notification facilities etc.

Other Documentation

You may also want to refer to other documentation distributed with CodEx:

Development Documentation

End-User Documentation

License Agreement

CodEx is free software. You can re-distribute and modify it under the terms of the XYZ license, as described in the LICENSE file. The various components of CodEx can be re-distributed and modified under the terms of their respective licenses. CodEx is © The CodEx team 2006–2008.